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A.I. in the service of humans

Deep Learning.

The newest form of A.I., has one decisive feature that makes it so powerful:

The universal ability to learn.

Derived from neural structures in the human brain, Deep Learning gives machines the innate ability to learn from data and solve real-world problems in many areas of application. Up to now only a few big companies have profited from this innovation. We want to change this by:

Making A.I. widely accessible.

twentybn CORTEX

Modular A.I. adapted to your needs


The basis for all our solutions is a thoroughly engineered backend. It drives training and serving of deep neural network models within a uniform and scalable environment.


Ready-to-use neural network components process data across tasks and domains, including image and video analysis, text comprehension and customer-specific sensory data.


We create customised A.I. solutions adapted to your needs. We go from concept to reality within weeks, delivering the solutions on multiple platforms – such as SaaS, on-premises installations and embedded systems.


We are an experienced technical founder team with backgrounds

in A.I. research and enterprise-scale software engineering.

Christian Thurau

Dr. Christian Thurau,

Chief Technology Officer

Christian is an entrepreneur and machine learning researcher with 15 years of experience. He has worked at renowned research institutes, such as the Center for Machine Perception in Prague and the Fraunhofer IAIS in Bonn. He was technical lead of The Unbelievable Machine Company’s data science team, and co-founded the startup Game Analytics. He has developed neural nets that have learned to play games, and achieved one of the first implementations of convolutional neural nets on GPUs in 2008.

Florian Hoppe

Dr. Florian Hoppe,

Managing Director

Florian holds a PhD in machine learning from Kiel University. Over the past 15 years he has implemented high-speed databases for algorithmic trading, brain-computer interfaces, surgical navigation systems, and big data analytics for mobile apps and digital advertising. Florian has worked as a consultant and manager for companies of various sizes in a variety of industries. He is an expert on recurrent neural networks and language modelling.

Ingo Bax

Dr. Ingo Bax,

Managing Director

Ingo is a former professor of computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster. He has more than 20 years of experience in the web, data and consulting industries. As an expert on software architecture, large-scale data processing and web engineering, he has co-founded several companies. He gained his PhD in computer science for his research on convolutional neural networks and pattern recognition.

Roland Memisevic

Roland Memisevic PhD,

Chief Scientist

Roland is a very well-known member of the deep learning community. He received his doctorate from the University of Toronto, the birthplace of Deep Learning, and subsequently worked as a researcher in Toronto, Princeton, Zurich and Frankfurt. Since 2012 he has been on faculty at the MILA Machine Learning Institute at the University of Montréal, where he is on leave since 2016 to work full-time for TwentyBN.

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As a purely technical founder team, we love progress-by-engineering.

But we believe A.I. is such a powerful tool that it needs clear direction.

These are the ethical standards to which we hold ourselves accountable:


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